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Republic of the Philippines
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines


No.: 2010-005


Date: Feb 02 2010

TO      :     All COA Official and Employees

SUBJECT     :     Guidelines in providing COA lectures and speakers in various seminars upon invitation by other government agencies, and training/educational institutions

In view of the observation that COA Officials and employees are frequently invited to act as lecturers and speakers in various seminars conducted by other government agencies and training/educational institutions, there is a need to prescribe the guidelines and procedures to ensure the proper monitoring and coordination of the same. Hence, the following guidelines are hereby prescribed:

    1. All requests from other government agencies and training/educational institutions for COA officials and employee to act as lecturer/speaker shall be coursed through the Professional Development Sector (PDS) or the Regional Training Unit of the Administrative, Training and Finance Services (RTU-ATFS) in case the invited lecturer/speaker comes from the Regional Offices.

    2. The PDS or the RTU-ATFS shall seek clearance of said COA officials and employees from the Cluster/Office/Regional Director concerned.

    3. Should the COA officials and employees be allowed by the Cluster/Office Director concerned, the PDS shall prepare the Office Order for approval by the Honorable Chairman. In the region, the RU-ATFS shall prepare the proposed Office Order for approval by the Regional Director concerned.

    4. In case the Cluster/Office/Regional Director is invited to act as lecturer/speaker, the PDS shall prepare the proposed Office Order for approval by the Honorable Chairman. It is understood that the provisions under Section 2 on Official Domestic Travel of COA Memorandum No. 2009-019 re: Administrative Guidelines under the 2008 COA Organization Restructuring dated May 14, 2009, shall be observed.

    5. Payment of honoraria to COA officials and employees acting as lecturer/speaker shall be made in accordance with the rates and limits prescribed under existing COA rules and regulations, and the number of lecture/training hours rendered by each COA official/employee for seminars outside COA shall not exceed twenty (20) lecture hours a month, and the honoraria shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of his actual salary.

    6. The requesting government agency, training/educational institution shall remit to COA within one week after the conduct of seminar/training the total amount of honoraria to be paid to the COA official and employee. The COA lecturers/speakers invited by other government agencies shall be strictly prohibited from receiving directly any honoraria from the requesting government agency and training/educational institution. The PDS shall ensure the remittance of the honoraria to the Commission.

      The above-stated provisions shall not include invitations for COA key Officials to act as guest/technical speakers during conventions conducted/sponsored by professional organization.

      This Memorandum shall take effect immediately.