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Department of Budget and Management
Building I, General Solano street, San Miguel, Manila

OCTOBER 1, 2007

TO    :  Heads of Departments, Bureaus, Offices".and Agencies of the National Government, Including State Universities and Colleges, (SUCs);Government-Owned and/or -Controlled, Corporations,(GOCCs); Government Financial Institution(GFIs); and Local Government Units (LGUs); and All Others Concerned

SUBJECT  :  Guidelines on the Grant of Honoraria Due to Assignment in Government Special Projects

1.0  Purpose

This Cicular is issued to prescribe the guidelines on the grant of honoraria due to assignment in government special projects pursuant to Section 46(e), General Provisions of RA No. 9401, the FY 2007 General Appropriations Act (GAA),

2.0  Definitions

2.1  An honoraria is a form of compensation given as token of appreciation or reward for gratuitous services on account of ones broad and superior knowledge or expertise in a specific field for which, going by custom, tradition or propriety, no fixed price is set.

2.2  A special project is duly authorized inter-office or intra-office undertalking of a composite group of government officials and employee which is not among the regular and permanent function of their repective agencies such undertalking may be locally-funded or foreign-assisted. is reform -oriented or developmental in nature, and is contributory to the improvement of service delivery and enhancement of the performance of the core function of an agency or member agencies,

3.0  Coverage and Exclusion

3.1  This Circular shall apply to all personnel of national government agencies (NGAs) including SUCs, GOCCs, GFIs and LGUs, who are designated to positions in special project as defined above on a part - time basis.

3.2  It does not apply to govenment personnel on re-assignment or on full-tine detail to special projects since they are already regularly compensated in the form of salaries.