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Department of Budget and management
Building I. General Solano Street. San Miguel. Manila


No.2007 - 1
APRIL 23, 2007

TO    :  Heads of National Government Agencies (NGAs) Including State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporation (GOCCs), Government Financial Institutions (GFIs), and Local Government Units; and All Others Concerned

SUBJECT    :  Guidelines on the Grant of Honoraria to Lecturers, Resource Persons Coordinators and Facilitators

1.0  Purpose

2.0  Definition

2.1  An Honorarium is a form of compensation given as a token of appreciation or reward for gratuitous services on account of one's broad and superior knowledge or expertise in a specific field for which going by custom, tradition or propriety. no fixed price is set.

2.2  A lecturer is any person who by as an instructional method in seminars.workshops.conferences. program and other similar activities.

2.3  A resource person is any person who, by virtue of his/her expertise in a specific subject area. serve as speaker in seminars. conferences. symposia training program and similar activities.

2.4  A coordinator is any person who acts as lead person in the conduct of seminars. training program. and other similar activities He/She directs. supervises and/or participates in the organization. coordination. and conduct of such activities: develop training needs: may serve as lecturer. resource person. on facilator.

2.5  A facilitator is any person who is a subject expert in neutrally managing group understanding. thus enabling the participants to full participation to mutual understanding. and to shared responsibilities in the achievement of group objectives and/or in making quality decisions.