Work in government has been made difficult and risky by the sea of laws, rules, and regulations (LRRs) that have inundated the bureaucracy. Legislative bodies ,regulatory offices, and oversight agencies churn out every year volumes and volumes of new laws, rules, policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures prescribing in great detail the steps to be followed in executing all manner of decisions / activities / functions of all units and in all levels of the government, specifying also the sanctions and penalties for any misstep. The problem is exacerbated by the failure of these rule -making bodies to identify and scrap the old rules and policies that have been made obsolete by the new ones.

There is therefore a need for a tool that would help government workers, including those who do business with the government, navigate this ocean of LRRs. It is with this need in mind that ABC Help System was conceived - to help make the navigation of this ocean of LRRs as easy as ABC.

Assistant Commissioner
Commission on Audit