Ten COA State Auditors are now INTOSAI Development Initiative Certified Supreme Audit Institutions Auditors

Published: 13 July 2023


Chairperson Gamaliel A. Cordoba (2nd from left) presents the Certificates of Competence for IDI Certified SAI Performance Auditors. With him are (left to right): Dir. Roberto D. Mabagos, Jr. of the Office of the Commissioner II, SAI Coach for PA, Dir. Josephine B. Manalo of QAO, Commissioner Mario G. Lipana, Assistant Commissioner Roland A. Rey of LGAS, Assistant Commissioner Cora Lea A. Dela Cruz of PIDS, Ms. Jonah C. Mendoza of COA RO XI, Ms. Mary Sherylyn A. Mabute of QAO, Ms. Czyrhinne R. Castillo of PAO, and Atty. Eumaida P. Tiongson of COA RO III, SAI Coach for PA.

QUEZON CITY, Philippines –Ten Commission on Audit (COA) State Auditors successfully completed the Professional Education for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) Auditors – Pilot (PESA-P) program launched by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) Development Initiative (IDI) to create a critical mass of SAI audit professionals with competencies to add value to the SAI’s professionalization journey.

Chairperson Gamaliel A. Cordoba presented the certificates during the awarding ceremony recently. Commissioner Mario G. Lipana, Assistant Commissioners, directors, and SAI coaches also attended the event held at the Commission Proper Boardroom.

The ten auditors who successfully completed the PESA-P requirements and passed the two assessment tests administered by Pearson Vue Test Centre are the following:

    IDI Certified SAI Performance Auditor

  1. Mr. Erwin R. Llave – State Auditor IV, Performance Audit Office (PAO), Special Services Sector (SSS)
  2. Ms. Czyrhinne R. Castillo – State Auditor III, PAO, SSS
  3. Ms. Jonah C. Mendoza – State Auditor III, COA Regional Office XI, Local Government Audit Sector (LGAS)
  4. Ms. Mary Sherylyn A. Mabute – State Auditor III, Quality Assurance Office (QAO), Professional and Institutional Development Sector (PIDS)
  5. Ms. Janine Joy I. Valdecantos – formerly from PAO, SSS

    IDI Certified SAI Compliance Auditor

  1. Ms. Maureen M. Joves – State Auditor IV, Cluster 2, National Government Audit Sector (NGAS)
  2. Mr. Mark Anthony G. Flores – State Auditor III, QAO, PIDS
  3. Mr. Christopher G. Capio – State Auditor II, Cluster 6, NGAS

    IDI Certified SAI Financial Auditor

  1. Mr. Ranulfo R. Tacorda – State Auditor IV, OIC SA, National Capital Region, LGAS
  2. Mr. Reneson S. Evangelista, State Auditor IV, QAO, PIDS

The PESA-P provides SAI auditors with 70 hours of digitized education and approximately 30 hours of education through social learning, accessing other resources, and working on an initial development portfolio. The IDI team of experts developed its syllabus based on INTOSAI’s competency framework which includes two cross-cutting papers common to all participating SAI auditors and five papers each on compliance (CA), financial (FA), and performance audit (PA) types.

The program ran for ten months and covered a range of topics, including risk assessment, audit planning, fieldwork, reporting, and follow-up, among others. It likewise provided participants with practical tools and techniques for conducting effective and efficient audits.

A Certificate of Appreciation was also presented to the respective coaches for their support and guidance:

  1. Atty. Roberto D. Mabagos, Jr., Director IV, Office of the Commissioner II, SAI Coach for PA
  2. Ms. Rowena D. Perez, State Auditor V, QAO, PIDS, SAI Coach for FA, CA, PA
  3. Atty. Eumaida P. Tiongson, State Auditor IV, OIC-Supervising Auditor, COA Regional Office III, SAI Coach for FA, CA, PA
  4. Ms. Ma. Carmelita F. Enriquez, State Auditor IV, OIC-Supervising Auditor, Cluster 6, NGAS, SAI Coach for CA
  5. Ms. Theresa C. Ronquillo, State Auditor IV, OIC-Supervising Auditor, Cluster 2, NGAS, SAI Coach for CA

In his inspirational message, Chairperson Cordoba emphasized the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the field of government auditing. He said, “as state auditors, your work has been essential in promoting good governance and safeguarding the integrity of our public institutions. Therefore, as you continue to grow in your careers, never forget to impart the knowledge that you had gained in this program to your colleagues in the Commission.”

Ms. Jonah C. Mendoza, State Auditor of COA RO XI, humbly shares her journey in accomplishing the program despite life challenges.

Atty. Tiongson, one of the SAI Coaches, shared that the program was challenging for they have to juggle work deliverables and a volume of modules at the same time. “The experience was not just simply reading. It was really more of understanding how we share our actual experiences with respect to the audit standards indicated for every module. Indeed, it was an enriching experience,” she reflected.

Likewise, Mr. Capio, one of the awardees for IDI Certified SAI Compliance Auditors, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the program. “At first, I thought the program was the same as a webinar type program so, I was thinking that it is very easy as we have our CA manual. To my surprise, it is different as the online course is very detailed and needs research and reading, and there is an interactive online question after each module,” he added.

A heartwarming reflection was likewise shared by Ms. Mendoza who was diagnosed with a medical condition while completing the PESA-P. Ms. Mendoza credited the program for giving her a sense of purpose and motivation during a difficult time in her life. She recalled, “I have to fight. And fortunately, I finished [the program]. I am done with my treatment now and I am seeing that I have a better purpose for the Commission, so I can help a lot of people and be an instrument to better the lives of the people.”

Chairperson Gamaliel A. Cordoba and Commissioner Mario G. Lipana join the IDI Certified SAI Auditors, their Assistant Commissioners, Directors, and Coaches, and the International Relations Service of the PDO, PIDS for a group photo to conclude the awarding ceremony.

The PESA-P program is part of the IDI’s commitment to enable auditors to improve their ability to exercise professional judgement in the pursuit of promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability in government operations. It is set to continue to reach more state auditors in the future. # – Contributed by the International Relations Services – Professional Development Office