• Negotiated Procurement is a method of procurement of goods whereby the procuring entity directly negotiates a contract with a technically, legally, and financially capable supplier.

    It may be resorted to in emergency cases or in any of the following cases:

    1. After 2 failed biddings,
    2. Agency-to-Agency,
    3. Procurement Agent,
    4. Defense Cooperation Agreement,
    5. Small-Value Procurement,
    6. NGO Participation,
    7. United Nations Agencies.

    1. Approval of the Alternative Method of Procurement

    1. Audit Objective:

      To verify if the adoption of the Alternative Method: Negotiated Procurement in Emergency Cases was in accordance with the rules and regulations

    2. Sub-Objectives, Criteria, Validation Procedures & Suggested Working Paper

    Documents needed for evaluation:

    1. copy of the approved Minutes of Pre-Procurement Conference duly certified by the BAC Secretariat;

    2. BAC Resolution recommending negotiated procurement, duly approved by the HOPE;

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