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To facilitate eligibility checking, the BAC of a Procuring Entity may maintain a file of the foregoing Class "A" documents submitted by manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. When such file is required by the Procuring Entity, a manufacturer, supplier or distributor who wishes to participate in a public bidding for non-common Goods should maintain this file current and updated at least once a year, or more frequently when needed. A manufacturer, supplier or distributor who maintains a current and updated file of his Class "A" documents will be issued a certification by the BAC to that effect, which certification may be submitted to the Procuring Entity concerned in lieu of the foregoing Class "A" documents. (IRR-A Section 23.6.1)

c. Financial Documents

  1. The prospective bidder’s audited financial statements, stamped “received” by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions, for the immediately preceding calendar year, showing, among others, the prospective bidder’s total and current assets and liabilities;

  2. The prospective bidder’s computation of its NFCC which shall be computed using the formula prescribed in Sec. of the IRRA; and,

  3. If its NFCC is not sufficient to comply with the requirements in Sec. of the IRR-A:

• A commitment from a licensed bank to extend to it a credit line if awarded the contract to be bid, such commitment being specific to the contract to be bid; or

• A certificate of hold out on cash deposit, in an amount not lower than that set by the Procuring Entity in the Bidding Documents, which shall be at least equal to ten percent (10%) of the ABC.

2. Class “B” Documents

  1. Valid JVA, if the prospective bidder is a joint venture, with the agreement containing a statement on who the joint venture has constituted and appointed as the lawful attorney-in-fact to sign the contract, if awarded the project, and on which among the members/principals is the lead representative of the joint venture.

    All members of the joint venture should submit all the Class "A" eligibility documents. All members of the joint venture should comply with all the legal eligibility requirements, but compliance by one of the joint venture members with the technical and financial requirements will suffice.

  2. Letter authorizing the Head of the Procuring Entity or his duly authorized representative/s to verify any or all of the documents submitted for the eligibility check.

3. Other Eligibility Documents

A certification, under oath, executed by the prospective bidder or its duly authorized representative, that each of the documents submitted in satisfaction of the eligibility requirements is an authentic and original copy, or a true and faithful reproduction or copy of the original, complete, and that all statements and information provided therein are true and correct. (IRR-A Section 23.8)
The BAC may require the bidder's authorized representative to initial every page of the documents it submits as originals. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the documents reviewed by the BAC are authentic, and to protect the BAC from any insinuation of tampering with the said documents.

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