"C. Post-Martial Law Era:
Corazon Cojuangco Aquino Administration(1986-1992)"

After the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 and the restoration of Philippine democracy, "Congressional Pork Barrel" was revived in the form of the "Mindanao Development Fund" and the "Visayas Development Fund" which were created with lump-sum appropriations of P480 Million and P240 Million, respectively, for the funding of development projects in the Mindanao and Visayas areas in 1989. It has been documented[23] that the clamor raised by the Senators and the Luzon legislators for a similar funding, prompted the creation of the "Countrywide Development Fund" (CDF) which was integrated into the 1990 GAA[ 24] with >an initial funding of P2.3 Billion to cover "small local infrastructure and other priority community projects."

Under the GAAs for the years 1991 and 1992,[ 25] CDF funds were, with the approval of the President, to be released directly to the implementing agencies but "subject to the submission of the required list of projects and activities." Although the GAAs from 1990 to 1992 were silent as to the amounts of allocations of the individual legislators, as well as their participation in the identification of projects, it has been reported[ 26] that by 1992, Representatives were receiving P12.5 Million each in CDF funds, while Senators were receiving P18 Million each, without any limitation or qualification, and that they could identify any kind of project, from hard or infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and buildings to "soft projects" such as textbooks, medicines, and scholarships.[ 27]