Chapter 5


Sec. 1. Scope. This Chapterprovides the standards, policies, guidelines and procedures in accounting for revenue and other receipts including those collections through authorized agent banks, remittance of collections to the NT through AGDB and deposits with the AGDB in accordance with PPSAS 9, Revenue from Exchange Transactions and PPSAS 23, Revenue from Non-exchange Transactions.

Sec. 2. Definition of Terms. For the purpose of this Manual, the following terms shall be construed to mean as follows:

a. Bequest- is a transfer made according to the provisions of a deceased person's will. The past event giving rise to the control of resources embodying future economic benefits or service potential for a bequest occurs when the entity has an enforceable claim, for example on the death of the testator, or the granting of probate, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction. (par. 90, PPSAS 23)

b. Concessionary loans- are loans received by an entity at below market terms.

c. Exchange transactions-are transactions in which one entity receives assets or services, or has liabilities extinguished, and directly gives approximately equal value (primarily in the form of cash, goods, services, or use of assets) to another entity in exchange. (par. 11, PPSAS 9)

d. Fair value- is the amount for which an asset could be exchanged, or a liability settled, between knowledgeable, willing parties in an arm's length transaction

e. Fines- are economic benefits or service potential received or receivable by NGAs, from an individual or other entity, as determined by a court or other law enforcement body, as a consequence of the individual or other entity breaching the requirements of laws or regulations. (par. 88, PPSAS 23)

f. Gifts, Donations and Goods In-kind-are voluntary transfers of assets, including cash or other monetary assets, goods in-kind and services in-kind that one entity makes to another, normally free from stipulations. The transferor may be an entity or an individual. For gifts and donations of cash or other monetary assets and goods in-kind, the past event giving rise to the control of resources embodying future economic benefits or service potential is normally the receipt of the gift or donation. (par. 93, PPSAS 23)

g. Non-exchange transactions-are transactions in which an entity either receives value from another entity without directly giving approximately equal value in exchange, or gives value to another entity without directly receiving approximately equal value in exchange.(par. 11, PPSAS 9)

h. Pledges- are unenforceable undertakings to transfer assets to the recipient entity

i. Revenue - is the gross inflow of economic benefits or service potential during the reporting period when those inflows result in an increase in net assets/equity, other than increases relating to contributions from owners.

j. Services in-kind- are services provided by individuals to public sector agencies in a non-exchange transaction.

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