Chapter XI

Special Trust Funds

The barangay may also be a recipient of specific purpose funds granted by other levels of government and donors. Also, unspent budgetary items of the 5% calamity fund become Special Trust Funds (STF) at the close of the year.

Grants for specific purposes received from sources other than the government shall be recognized as income, once the condition for the grant is complied.

11.1 Specific Policies

11.1.1 Expenditures for STF shall be for the purpose for which the STF is created or received.

11.1.2 Disbursements for specific STF shall not exceed the balance of the STF.

11.1.3 A Registry for Special Trust Fund (RSTF) - Annex 33 shall be maintained for each STF until the STF is fully utilized.

11.1.4 The RSTF shall show the amount of funds for specific purposes and charges thereof.

11.1.5 Any unspent balance from the appropriation for current year appropriation for LDRRMF shall at the end of the year be transferred to the STF.

11.1.6 The CCA shall post in the RSTF trust funds (which include donations/grants for specific purposes) from the RCD submitted by the BT.

11.1.7 Based on the RSTF, the CCA shall certify as to the availability of funds on the DV or Payrolls charged to special trust fund. As such, the CCA shall regularly update the RSTFs by posting all certified obligations to determine available balance of the funds.

11.1.8 Procurement funded out of the STF shall follow Republic Act (RA) 9184.

11.2 Specific Procedures

Receipt of STF

11.3.1 BT shall specify in the OR issued the specific purpose for the receipt.

11.3.2 BT shall furnish the CCA a copy of the RCD with collection for STF.


11.3.3 Based on the RSTF, the CCA shall certify as to the existence of available funds for the specific purpose.

11.3.4 The CCA shall report monthly the charges and balances of each STF.

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