6.2 Procedures

6.2.1 Receipt of Supplies

Upon receipt of the delivered supplies, the BT shall:

a. prepare three copies of Acceptance and Inspection Report (AIR) showing the items received and inspected to be distributed as follows:

Original - to the C/M Accountant to be attached to the duplicate of PO and PR
Duplicate copy - to be attached to the DV together with the originals of the PO and PR
Triplicate copy - BT file

b. based on the AIR, the BT shall record the inventory in the SC.

c. based on the AIR, the C/M Accountant shall record the inventory asset account and payable accounts.

6.2.2 Issuance to end-users

a. The person requesting for supplies shall prepare three copies of RIS for approval by the PB.

b. The BT shall:

i. issue the supplies (if available) and require the requesting officer to sign the receipt portion of the RIS. The RIS shall be distributed as follows:

Original - to the BT
Duplicate copy - to the end-user

ii. record the issuance of supplies in the stock cards based on signed copy of the RIS;

iii. in case the supplies/item has serviceable life of more than one year, prepare two copies of ICS. The original shall be filed by the BT to monitor the location of the supplies/item and the duplicate copy shall be issued to the AO or recipient of the items; and

iv. at the end of the month, prepare the SSMI summarizing all the RIS and submit to the C/M Accountant.

6.2.3 Inventory taking and Reconciliation

a. The Inventory Committee headed by the PB or his authorized representative and the BT as his member shall conduct a physical count of all the supplies and inventory of the barangay at least once a year.

b. The Inventory Committee, upon the completion of the physical count, shall prepare three copies of Report on Inventory of Supplies and Materials (RISM), as shown in Annex 31 and shall be approved by the PB. The RISM shall be distributed as follows:

Original - to COA Auditor through C/M Accountant
Duplicate copy - to the C/M Accountant
Triplicate copy - to the BT

The RISM shall be the basis of the C/M Accountant for reconciling the inventory accounts.

6.2.4 Unrecorded Supplies

a. The BT shall determine ownership of all unrecorded supplies found during the physical count and recommend to the Appraisal Committee valuation of all those determined to be owned by the barangay, if cost is not available.

b. The Appraisal Committee shall determine the fair value of the unrecorded supplies owned by the barangay.

c. The BT shall prepare and issue an ICS to the end user of the item and shall record the same in the Stock Cards,

d. The RISM shall include a separate caption for the unrecorded supplies found in station. This shall be the basis of the C/M Accountant in recording the supplies in the books of accounts.

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