Chapter V


The BT shall also observe the following specific policies and procedures on disbursements of the barangay funds pursuant to laws, rules and regulations:

5.1 Specific Policies

5.1.1 Disbursements or disposition of government funds or property shall invariably bear the approval of the proper officials.

5.1.2 All claims against government funds shall be supported with complete documentation.

5.1.3 Disbursements shall be made only on duly certified and approved Disbursement Voucher (DV) - Annex 12, Petty Cash Voucher (PCV) - Annex 13 and Payroll - Annex 14.

5.1.4 Disbursements shall generally be made by checks drawn against the depository accounts of the barangay.

5.1.5 All check disbursements shall be supported with Punong Barangay Certification.

5.1.6 Disbursements in cash shall be made only from the cash advances granted for the purpose (e.g. to pay salaries and wages, honorarium, etc.) and petty cash, observing the following basic guidelines, to wit:

a. Only permanently appointed officials shall be designated as disbursing officers. Elected officials may be granted a cash advance only for their official travelling expenses.

b. Only duly appointed or designated disbursing officers may perform disbursing functions. Officers and employees who are given cash advances for official travel need not be designated as Disbursing Officers.

c. Transfer of cash advance from one Accountable Officer (AO) to another shall not be allowed.

d. The cash advance shall be used solely for the specific legal purpose for which it was granted. Under no circumstance shall it be used for encashment of checks or for liquidation of a previous cash advance.

5.1.7 All cash advances shall be liquidated at year-end. No additional cash advances shall be given to any official or employee unless the previous cash advance is liquidated and accounted for in the books.

5.1.8 A cash advance shall be liquidated/reported as soon as the purpose for which it was granted has been served.

5.1.9 No cash advance shall be granted for payment on account of infrastructure projects or other undertaking on a project basis except for payment of labor payroll for projects undertaken by administration.

5.1.10 Cash Advances for special time-bound undertaking shall be liquidated by the accountable officer within a specified period.

5.1.11 Cash advance which are no longer needed or have not been used for a period of two months shall be returned to or deposited immediately with the proper collecting officer or cashier.

5.1.12 For designated disbursing officers, separate Cashbook shall be maintained for each type and purpose of cash advance.

5.1.13 Petty Cash Fund Record (Annex 13.1) shall be maintained for Petty Cash Fund.

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