The BT shall observe the following policies and procedures in the management of collections and deposits/remittances:

4.1 Specific Policies

4.1.1 The BT and all accountable officers shall be bonded in accordance with Section 305 (f) of R.A. 7160 and DILG Memorandum Circular No. 99-186 dated October 11, 1999. The corresponding premium shall be paid out of barangay funds.

4.1.2 All collections, either in cash or in checks, shall be acknowledged through the issuance of an Official Receipt (OR) - Accountable Form No. 51 or other specific purpose receipts like Real Property Tax Receipt (RPTR) -Accountable Form No. 56, Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or pre-numbered cash tickets.

4.1.3 The prescribed officially numbered receipts shall be issued in strict numerical sequence. Strictly, erasures and alterations are not allowed in preparing the OR.

4.1.4 All particulars in the OR shall be filled out. Duplicate and triplicate copies of the OR shall be the exact carbon copy of the original.

4.1.5 Temporary or provisional receipts shall not be issued to acknowledge collections.

4.1.6 The OR shall be subject to proper custody, accountability and audit.

4.1.7 The BT shall be the custodian of all accountable forms. A complete record of the receipts, issuances and transfers of accountable forms shall be maintained. He shall also be responsible for the pre-numbering and control of cash tickets.

4.1.8 There shall be no transfer of accountable forms among/between Deputized Barangay Collectors (DBC).

4.1.9 The BT and DBC shall render their Report of Accountability for Accountable Forms (RAAF) - Annex 18.

4.1.10 Only checks in the name of the barangay shall be accepted as payment of obligation to the barangay and issued the corresponding OR. The OR number and date of issue including the payor's control details shall be indicated at the back of the check for reference purposes. The details of the check shall be indicated in the space provided in the OR.

4.1.11 Collections shall not be used to encash checks or pay barangay obligations/liabilities.

4.1.12 Collections accruing to the barangay shall be deposited intact daily. Where travel time to the depository bank is more than one day, deposit shall be made at least once a week or as soon as the collections reach P5,000.00.

4.1.13 Collections received by the BT as deputized collector of the city/municipality shall be remitted intact to the treasurer of the city/municipality concerned at least once a week or as practicable especially during heavy collections.

4.1.14 DBC maybe authorized/designated to receive collections like market fees, parking fees or CTC on behalf of the BT in accordance with a Barangay Resolution enacted by the SB and approved by the PB. Collections received by the DBC shall be turned over daily to the BT. The amount turned over shall form part of the daily collections of the BT for recording in the Cashbook and Report of Collections and Deposits (RCD) (Annex 9.1).

4.1.15 The barangay shall maintain only one depository account with Authorized Government Depository Bank (AGDB) in the name of the barangay. The selection of a depository bank other than the AGDB, duly authorized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to accept government funds, shall be covered by a Resolution of the SB and approved by the PB. In case there are idle funds, cash which can be freely invested after considering provisions for recurring expenses and programmed disbursements for capital outlay, within the context of the cash operating cycle of the barangay, the barangay may maintain a time deposit account with prior authority of the SB and approval of the PB.

4.1.16 The PB shall authorize the AGDB or depository bank other than AGDB to furnish the C/M Accountant and the Auditor a copy of the monthly bank statement. It shall be the duty of the BT to see that copies of monthly bank statements are furnished said officials. The PB shall furnish the Auditor a copy of said authorization.

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