Chapter IV

Collections and Deposits/Remittances

The BT shall be responsible for the proper handling of the funds of the barangay.

Barangay collections include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Share from the National and Local Taxes/Revenues

a. Internal Revenue Allotment
b. Utilization of national wealth, such as: lands of public domain, water, mineral, coal, petroleum, mining, oil, gas, oil deposits, etc.
c. Tobacco Excise Tax (RA No. 7171 and 8240)
d. Real Property Tax including interest and penalties imposed thereon
e. Tax imposed on sand, gravel and other quarry resources
f. Community Tax, if collections are made by the barangay

2. Barangay Fees and Taxes
a. Fees imposed on:
i. Peddlers
ii. Breeding of fighting cocks
iii. Use of barangay roads, waterways, bridges and parks
iv. Use of barangay properties/facilities
v. Parking
vi. Clearance/Certification
vii. Other fees imposed by the barangays
b. Taxes imposed on stores/retailers within the barangay
c. Penalties for violation of barangay ordinance

3. Other Fees and Charges
a. Operation of cockpits, places of recreation, etc.
b. Fund raising activities
c. Charges on billboards, signboards and other outdoor advertisements
d. Use of barangay-operated public markets, slaughterhouses and waterworks
e. Operation of other barangay economic enterprise

4. Other Receipts
a. Subsidies/Financial assistance from:
i. National Government
ii. Provinces/Cities/Municipalities
b. Grants and donations received
c. Dividend/Interest from investments
d. Proceeds from:
i. Loans and other indebtedness
ii. Sale of Plant, Property and Equipment
e. Receipt of:
i. Performance/Bidders/Bail Bonds
ii. Refund of Payroll Fund/Advances to Officers and Employees
iii. Funds intended for specific purpose
iv. Payment for lost properties
v. Payment due to overpayment of claims
vi. Other receipts

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