Table of Contents


I. General Accounting Instruction

1.1. Fundamental Principles
1.2. General Accounting Policies

II. Barangay Accounting Plan

Barangay Accounting Plan

III. Appropriations and Obligations

3.1 Specific Policies and Procedures

IV. Collections and Deposits/Remittances

Collections and Deposits/Remittances
4.1 Specific Policies
4.2 Specific Procedures
4.3 Illustrative Accounting Entries

IV. Disbursements

5.1 Specific Policies
5.2 Procedures
5.3 Illustrative Accounting Entries

VI. Inventories

6.1 Specific Policies
6.2 Procedures

VII. Investment Property, Property, Plant and Equipment and Biological Asset

7.1 Specific Policies
7.2 Procedures
7.3 Impairment of Assets
7.4 Illustrative Accounting Entries

XIII. Miscellaneous Transactions

8.1 Specific Policies and Procedures

IX. Adjusting and Closing Journal Entries

9.1 Adjusting Journal Entries
9.2 Illustrative Accounting Entries
9.3 Closing Journal Entries

X. Books of Accounts, Financial Reports and Statements

10.1 Books of Accounts
10.2 Trial Balances
10.3 Responsibility for Financial Statements
10.4 Financial Reports and Statements

XI. Special Trust Funds

11.1 Specific Policies
11.2 Specific Procedures
11.3 Illustrative Accounting Entries

XII. Other Provisions

12.1 Fiscal Responsibilities of Barangay Officials
12.2 Bonding of Accountable Officer
12.3 Maintenance and Custody of Records
12.4 Transfer of Accountability
12.5 Rendition of Accounts

XIII. Chart of Accounts

Revenue and Expenses

XIV. Description of Accounts

Revenue and Expenses

XV. Appendices

Appendix A. Collection and Deposit/Remitance Flowchart
Appendix B. Appropriation, Obligations and Disbursements
Appendix C. Matrix of Report and Forms

XVI. Annexes

A. Books of Accounts and Accounting Forms

Annex 1. Journal of Cash Transaction
Annex 2. General Journal
Annex 3. General Ledger
Annex 4. Subsidiary Ledger
Annex 5. Journal Entry Voucher

B. Appropriations and Obligations

Annex 6. Record of Appropriations and Obligation
Annex 7. Statement of Appropriations, Obligations and Balances

C. Collections, Deposits/Remittances and Disbursements

Annex 8. Cash Book
Annex 8.1. Cash Book - Disbursing Officer
Annex 9.1. Report of Collection and Deposits
Annex 9.2. Report of Collection and Remittances
Annex 10. Report of the Bank Debit/Credit Memos
Annex 11. Bank Reconcilation Statement
Annex 12. Disbursement Voucher
Annex 13. Petty Cash Voucher
Annex 13.1. Petty Cash Fund Record
Annex 14. Payroll
Annex 15. Liquidation Report
Annex 16. Transmittal Letter
Annex 17. Summary of Petty Cash Disbursements
Annex 18. Report of Accountability for Accountable Forms

D. Supplies, Property and Equipment

Annex 19. Supplies and Materials Acknowledgement Receipt
Annex 20. Requisition and Issue Slip
Annex 21. Inventory Custodian
Annex 22. Stock Card
Annex 23. Purchase Request
Annex 24. Purchase Order
Annex 25. Property Aknowlegement Receipt
Annex 26.1. Property Equipment Card
Annex 26.2. Property Equipment/Ledger Card
Annex 27. Acceptance and Inspection Report
Annex 28. Return and Receipt of Property/Equipment
Annex 29. Inventory, Inspection and Appraisal Report
Annex 30. Report on Inventory of Property and Equipment
Annex 31. Report of inty of Supplies and Materials
Annex 32. Summary of Supplies and Materials Issued

E. Registry

Annex 33. Registery of Special Trust Fund

F. Financial Reports and Statements

Annex 34. Statement of Management Responsibilities for Financial Statements
Annex 35. Statement of Financial Position
Annex 36. Statement of Fianancial Performance
Annex 37. Statement of Net Assets-Equity
Annex 38. Statement of Cash Flows
Annex 39. Statement of Comparison Budget and Actual Amounts
Annex 40. Notes to the FS

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