Annex 9.2



A. The report shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Name of Collecting Officer - the name of the collecting officer
2. Barangay - name of the barangay
3. City/Municipality - name of the city/municipality where the barangay is located
4. Province - name of the province where the city/municipality is located
5. Date - date of the report
6. RCR No. - the report number assigned by the Collecting Officer. The RCR shall be numbered as follows:


a. Official Receipts (OR)

  • Date - date of OR
  • Number - serial number of the OR issued by the Treasurer/Accountable Officer including the cancelled ones in chronological and numerical sequence
  • b. Payor - the name of the individual/entity who gave the amount
    c. Nature of Collections - type of collections such as business tax, donations, fees, etc. as indicated on the face of the OR
    d. Amount - amount of collection received


    a. Name of Bank/Branch or Accountable Officers - the name of the city/municipal treasurer to whom the collections were remitted
    b. Reference - reference documents used as basis in the remittance
    c. Amount - amount of remittances

    9. SUMMARY OF COLLECTIONS and REMITTANCES - A summary shall be prepared as shown in the report.


    a. Name of Forms and No. - the name(s) of the form(s) whether with money value (cash tickets) or without money value (official receipts/etc.) for which this report is being made shall be written in the boxes provided
    b. Qty. and Serial no. - the quantity and the corresponding serial numbers of the forms on hand at the start of the period, those received, and those issued or transferred during the period covered; and the balance at the end of the period shall be entered in these columns

    11. CERTIFICATION - shall be signed by the Collecting Officer preparing the report

    12. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - shall be signed by the BT receiving the RCR. The validated deposit slips/official receipts shall be attached to the report.

    13. ACCOUNTING ENTRIES - shall be prepared by the C/M Accountant.

    B. This report shall be prepared in three copies to be distributed as follows:

    Original - COA thru the Accounting Division together with the duplicate copy of the ORs
    2nd copy - C/M Treasurer's file
    3rd copy - Barangay Treasurer's file

    C. Collections for the day should be deposited intact daily. Collections beyond the bank's cut-off should be deposited the next working day.

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