Annex 39

Original Budget Adjustments Final Budget Actual on comparable basis Performance Difference
Productivity Incentive Allowance


Year End Bonus

Cash Gift

Other Bonuses and Allowances

Personnel BenefitContributions

Terminal Leave Benefits

Other Personnel Benefits

Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses

Traveling Expenses

Training Expenses

Office Supplies Expenses

Accountable Forms Expenses

Food Supplies Expenses

Welfare Goods Expenses

Drugs and Medicines Expenses

Fuel, Oil and Lubricant Expenses

Other Supplies and Materials

Water Expenses

Electricity Expenses

Postage and Courier Services

Telephone Expenses

Internet Subscription Expenses

Cable, Satellite, Telegraph and
Radio Expenses

Demolition and Relocation

Desilting and Dredging Expenses

Auditing Services

Consultancy Services

Other Professional Services

Environment/Sanitary Services

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