Annex 38

Republic of the Philippines
(Barangay, City/Municipality, Province)
Statement of Cash Flows
Year Ended December 31, 20___

Cash Flow from Operating Activities:
Cash Inflows:

Receipt of Internal Revenue Allotment _________ xx
Collection of Real Property Taxes _________-___xx
Collection of Service Income ________________xx
Collection of Other Income__________________xx
Total Cash Inflows___-________________-____xx
Cash Outflows:
Payments for Operating Expenses______-_____(xx)
Payment for Account Payable_______________(xx)
Total Cash Outflows ______________________(xx)
Net Cash from Operating Activities________________________(xx)
Cash Flows from Investing Activities:
Cash Inflows:
Proceeds from sale of assets__________-_____xx
Total Cash Inflows________________________________-_____xx
Purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment_____________(xx)
Total Cash Outflows____________________________________(xx)
Cash Flow from Financing Activities:
Cash Inflows:
Proceeds from loans________________-_____xx
Total Cash Inflows________________-________xx
Cash Outflows:
Payment of loans__________________-_____(xx)
Total Cash Outflows_______________________________-_____(xx)
Net Cash from Financing Activitiess________________-________xx
Cash provided by (Used In) Operating, Investing
and Financing ____________________________________-_____xx
Add: Cash Balance, January 1, ____________________-_______xx
Cash Balance, December 31, _____ ________________________xx

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