Annex 36

Republic of the Philippines
(Barangay, City/Municipality, Province)
Statement of Financial Performance
For the Year ended December 31, 2013

2013 2012


Revenue from non-exchange transactions 2.2.1

Real Property Tax

Business Tax
Share on the tax from sand, gravel and other quarry products

Fees and Charges on commercial breeding of fighting cocks,
cockfights and cockpits
Fees and Charges on places of recreation which charge
admission fees
Fees and Charges on billboards, signboards, neon signs and
outdoor advertisements

Share from Internal Revenue Collections
Other Taxes

Tax Revenue - Fines and Penalties- Property
Tax Revenue - Fines and Penalties- Goods and Services
Tax Revenue - Fines and Penalties- Others

Garbage Fees

Subsidy from National Government
Subsidy from Other Local Government Units

Share from National Wealth
Grants and Donations in Cash
Grants and Donations in Kind

Revenue from exchange transactions 2.2.1

Clearance and Certification Fees
Other Service Revenue

Gain on Sale of Property, Plant and Equipment
Gain on Revaluation of Biological Assets

Total Revenue

Expenses 2.2.2

Salaries and Wages - Regular
Salaries and Wages - Casual/Contractual


Personal Economic Relief Allowance (PERA)
Clothing/Uniform Allowance
Subsistence Allowance
Productivity Incentive Allowance
Year End Bonus
Cash Gift
Other Bonuses and Allowances
____| - 2.2.14

Retirement and Life Insurance Premiums
Pag-IBIG Contributions
PhilHealth Contributions
Employees Compensation Insurance Premiums

Terminal Leave Benefits
Other Personnel Benefits

Traveling Expenses - Local
Traveling Expenses - Foreign

Training Expenses

Office Supplies Expenses
Accountable Forms Expenses
Food Supplies Expenses
Welfare Goods Expenses
Drugs and Medicines Expenses
Fuel, Oil and Lubricant Expenses
Other Supplies and Materials Expenses

Water Expenses
Electricity Expenses

Postage and Courier Services
Telephone Expenses
Internet Subscription Expenses

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