Annex 31



A. This shall be prepared by the Inventory Committee and approved by the Punong Barangay. This report gives information on the physical count of inventory items by type, including those unrecorded such as Office Supplies, Accountable Forms, Drugs and Medicines, Food/Non-food Inventory, etc. which are owned by the Barangay. This form shall be accomplished as follows:

___1. As of - date the count was conducted
___2. Barangay - name of the baranga
___3. City/Municipality - name of the city/municipality of the barangay
___4. Province - name of the province of the barangay
___5. Article - brief description of item or article (e.g. folder, bond paper, ball pen)
___6. Description - brief description of the article/item (e.g. file tagboard for legal size, 210mm x ________________ 297mm (A4) min. of 70 gms, fine point black)
___7. Stock Number - assigned stock number by the BT
___8. Unit of measure - piece, ream, box
___9. Unit value - cost per quantity of the item
___10. Balance per Card - quantity of items or articles appearing in the Supplies Ledger Card
___11. On Hand per Count - quantity of items or articles per physical count
___12. Shortage/Overage - excess/deficiency of the quantity and value of items or articles per ________________ Supplies Ledger Card
___13. Remarks - whereabouts, conditions and other relevant information relative to inventories

B._ The RISM shall be distributed as follows:

____ Original - COA Auditor
____ 2nd copy - to the C/M Accountant for reconciliation with the
_________________recorded inventory
____ 3rd copy - to the BT for reconciliation with the recorded inventory
_________________ in the Supplies Ledger Card

C._The first six columns shall be filled out by the Barangay Treasurer while the last four columns shall be filled out by the Inventory Committee.

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