Annex 27



A. This report shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Barangay - name of the barangay
2. City/Municipality - city/municipality of the barangay
3. Province - province of the barangay
4. Supplier - name of the supplier
5. PO No. - number of the Purchase Order
6. Date - date of the Purchase Order
7. Invoice No. - number of the Invoice
8. Date - date of the Invoice
9. AIR No. - number of the report
10. Date - date of the AIR
11. RIS No. - number of the report
12. Date - date of the RIS
13. Unit - unit of measurement such as ream, boxes, rolls, etc.
14. Description - brief description or details of the items purchased
15. Quantity - number of units purchased such as 20, 10, etc.

B. The AIR shall be prepared in three copies distributed as follows:

Original - to the C/M Accountant to be attached to the duplicate of PO and PR
2nd copy - to be attached to the DV together with the originals of the PO and PR
3rd copy - BT file

C. This report shall be signed by the authorized Inspection Officer who conducted the inspection and verification of the items to determine if the items conform with the given specifications. Indicate the date of inspection.

D. The Property Officer shall acknowledge receipt of the items by indicating his name and signature thereon, with check b mark whether a complete or partial (specify quantity received) delivery was made. Indicate the date of receipt.

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