Annex 26.1



A. This ledger card shall be used by the BT to record the acquisition, disposal and other information about the property/equipment owned by the barangay. This ledger shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Barangay, City/Municipality, Province - name of the barangay which owned the property/equipment, name of city/municipality and province where the barangay is situated
2. Location - location of the property/equipment
3. Property/Equipment - name of the property/equipment
4. Description - brief description of the property/equipment
5. Classification - the category of the property/equipment
6. SN/PN - the assigned number of the property
7. Date of Purchase - date the equipment is purchased
8. Particulars - brief description of the property/equipment
9. Cost - the cost/amount of the acquired property/equipment
10. Improvements/Repairs - amount of improvements made on the property/equipment
11. Transfers/etc - amount of transfers
12. Total - the total amount/running balance of the property/equipment

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