Annex 24



A. This form in a letter format shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Barangay - name of the barangay
2. City/Municipality - name of the city/municipality of the barangay
3. Province - name of province of the barangay
4. Supplier/Address/TIN - name and address and TIN of the supplier
5. P.O. No. - the number assigned to the PO which shall be as follows:

6. Date - date of the preparation of the PO 7. Mode of Procurement - mode of procurement such as public bidding, Procurement Service, negotiated purchase, etc.
8. Place/Date of Delivery - place of delivery and definite date/s of delivery, if not stated shall mean seven (7) days after the receipt of the PO by the supplier
9. Delivery Term - delivery term i.e. FOB destination, FOB shipping point.
10. Payment Term - specified period required when the delivered goods shall be paid and discounts allowed such as 2/10, n/30
11. Unit - unit of measurement of the supplies and property (i.e. box, bottle, piece, etc.)
12. Particular - brief description of the supplies/goods ordered
13. Quantity - quantity of goods ordered
14. Unit Cost - cost per unit of the supplies/goods ordered
15. Amount - total amount of the goods ordered
16. Penalty Clause - penalty imposed by the agency in case of non-compliance with the term
17. Conforme - signature over printed name of supplier or his representative signifying his approval to the term set by the agency
18. Existence of Available Appropriations of: - shall be signed by the Chairman, Committee on Appropriations with the amount specified

B. It shall be prepared in three copies distributed as follows:

Original - to the Supplier for conforme to the terms of the PO and attachment to the DV upon request for payment
2nd Copy - retained by the Supply and Property Unit for file
3rd Copy - COA Auditor

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