Annex 23



A. This form shall be prepared by the requesting person for the procurement of supplies, property and equipment. It shall be the basis in preparing the PO. This form shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Heading -

a. Barangay - name of barangay
b. City/Municipality - name of city/municipality of the barangay
c. Province - name of province of the barangay
d. P.R. No. - the PR shall be numbered as follows:

e. Date - date of PR preparation

2. Item Number - code of the requested goods
3. Quantity - quantity of the goods requested
4. Unit of Measurement - unit of measure of the goods requested
5. Item Description - brief description of the goods
6. Estimated Unit Cost - estimated cost per unit of the goods being requested
7. Estimated Amount - estimated total amount of the goods requested
8. Total Estimated Amount - total estimated amount of all the goods specified in the request
9. Purpose - a brief explanation on the purpose of the request
10. Requested by - name and signature of the person requesting the purchase of goods
11. Date - date of requisition
12. Approved by - signature of the Punong Barangay
13. Date - date of approval

B. The PR shall be distributed as follows:

Original - attachment to the Purchase Order
2nd copy - to the requesting officer
3rd copy - to the Barangay Treasurer

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