Annex 18



A. This shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Month - the month covered by the report
2. Barangay - name of the barangay
3. Barangay Treasurer - name of the barangay treasurer
4. City/Municipality - name of city/municipality
5. Province - name of province
6. RAAF No. - number of the report assigned by BT. The RAAF shall be numbered by one series per year

7. Name of Form - name of accountable forms under the custody of BT
8. Beginning Balance - quantity accountable forms available at the beginning of the month
9. Receipt - quantity of accountable forms received during the month
10. Issuance - quantity of accountable forms issued during the month
11. Ending Balance - quantity of accountable form still in the custody of BT at the end of the month.

B. The BT shall certify the correctness of RAAF.

C. This report shall be prepared monthly by the BT in three copies to be distributed as follows:

Original - COA Auditor
2nd Copy - C/M Accountant
3rd Copy - Barangay Treasurer

D. The barangay shall prepare one RAAF for all accountable forms (official receipts, cash tickets, and checks) received and issued during the month.

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