Annex 16



A. This form in letter format shall be accomplished by the Barangay Treasurer to submit the documents pertaining to paid obligations of the Barangay, as follows:

1. Barangay - name of the barangay
2. City/Municipality - city/municipality where the barangay is located
3. Province - the province where the barangay is situated
4. Date - the date of preparation of the TL
5. To: - the addressee of the TL who is the City/Municipal Accountant
6. DV/Payroll - the dates and numbers of the PAID DVs/Payrolls and the following columns to be filled up:

a. Check Date and No.
b. Payee
c. Amount of the Check paid
d. PB Certification- Date and No.

7. Noted by:- to be signed by the Punong Barangay
8. Very truly yours, - to be signed by the Barangay Treasurer
9. Received by:- to be signed by the receiving staff of the City/Municipal Accountant

B. It shall be prepared in three copies distributed as follows:

Original - to the C/M Accountant
2nd copy - to the Auditor
3rd copy - BT file

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