Annex 13.1



A. The report shall be accomplished as follows:

1. Barangay, City/Municipality - the name of the barangay and the city/municipality it is located
2. Petty Cash Custodian - name of Petty Cash Custodian
3. Fund - the fund from which petty cash originated
4. Date - date of the source documents
5. Particulars - details or nature of transactions
6. Reference - the number of the Petty Cash Voucher
7. Debit - the amount advanced by the Petty Cash Custodian or requestor based on the Petty Cash Voucher
8. Credit - the amount disbursed out of the petty cash
9. Balance - the difference between the Debit and Credit columns which shall be equal to the amount of cash in hand of Petty Cash Custodian

B. The designated Petty Cash Custodian shall maintain this record to monitor the cash advances balance as of specific date. All transactions for the day shall be recorded immediately.

C. At the end of each day, the debit and credit shall be ruled and closed. All totals shall be written legibly in ink and the balances shall be carried forward as opening balances of the Petty Cash Fund Record for the next day.

D. The difference of the totals of Debit and Credit columns should tie-up with the running balance column.

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