Annex 1

(For Barangay Books of Accounts)


A. This journal shall be accomplished as follows:

1. For the Month of - month of the transactions
2. Barangay - name of the barangay
3. City/Municipality - name of city where the barangay is situated
4. Province - name of the province where the barangay/city/municipality is situated
5. Sheet No. - sheet number of the JCT which shall be one series for each year
6. Date - date of the transaction
7. Particular - the nature of transactions and the period covered
8. Reference - the number of the Report of Collections and Deposits, DV No., Validated Deposit Slip (date), Liquidation Report No., etc.
9. Cash in Treasury -

a. Debit - amount of collections of the BT per RCD
b. Credit - amount of deposits made by the BT per RCD
10. Cash in Bank-LCCA -
a. Debit - amount of deposits made by the BT per RCD
b. Credit - amount of the check issued per DV
11. Income - indicate the income accounts recurring to the barangay
12. Expenses - indicate the expense accounts recurring to the barangay
13. Sundry Column - for transactions not provided with specific debit or credit columns
a. Account Title - title of the account per Chart of Accounts for barangay
b. Account Code - the corresponding account code per chart of account
c. Debit - amount to be debited
d. Credit - amount to be credited

B. This journal shall be maintained by the City/Municipal (C/M) Accounting Unit for each barangay.

C. At the end of the month, total all debit and credit columns.

D. Prepare a recapitulation of the Sundry Columns as follows:

Account Title Account Code Amount
Debit | Credit

E. The journal shall be signed certified correct by the City/Municipal Accountant on every page.

F. All cash transactions of the barangay (collections and deposits, and expenses paid in cash) shall be recorded in the JCT.

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