PCW Chairperson Sandy S. Montano pays courtesy call to COA Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldo

Published: 25 June 2021

Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) Chairperson Sandra S. Montano paid a courtesy call to Commission on Audit (COA) Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldo on 2 June 2021.

The COA Chairperson was joined by former Assistant Commissioner Lourdes M. Castillo, Gender and Development (GAD) Consultant, Assistant Commissioner Fortunata M. Rubico and Director Sofia C. Gemora, Chairpersons of the Technical Working Group and Committee on Audit and Gender Issue Analysis, both of the COA GAD Focal Point System (GFPS).

They discussed the role of COA as oversight agency in the conduct of audit of GAD funds, as well as relevant issues concerning the implementation of the Magna Carta of Women. Among these issues are: preparation, submission and review of the annual GAD Plan and Budget and Accomplishment Report under PCW Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01; assessment of level of gender mainstreaming using the Gender Mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework; support structure of government agencies for a GAD Secretariat using vacant plantilla items; and determination of gender issues by government agencies, among others.

The COA Chairperson also mentioned that the guidelines for Bayanihan 1 and 2 Acts and the COVID-19 Vaccine Procurement Program Act contained provisions requiring the submission of sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics by implementing agencies to enhance the presentation of audit reports with gender analytics.

The courtesy call ended with the officials committing to strengthen future partnerships between COA and PCW on gender mainstreaming in government agencies pursuant to the Magna Carta of Women.

After the courtesy call, PCW Chair Montano toured the office of the COA GFPS. She had a short informal meeting with former Assistant Commissioner Castillo, Assistant Commissioner Rubico and Director Gemora about specific concerns of the COA GFPS with the PCW as regards gender mainstreaming and the implementation of the Magna Carta of Women.

PCW Chair Montano noted the forthcoming issuance of an executive order designating the PCW Chair with the rank of Undersecretary with power and authority to manage and supervise the agency. With such designation, she could address a lot of issues and concerns on gender mainstreaming and introduce new approaches to achieve gender equality and women empowerment in government operations. # (Contributed by Nicole A. Dela Cruz; edited by the Public Information Office)