M2M (Commissioner Heidi L. Mendoza on COA’s reelection as External Auditor of the World Health Organization)

Published: 2 June 2015
COA Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldo with Commissioners Heidi L. Mendoza and Jose A. Fabia and Director Lito Q. Martin during COA’s presentation of its bid to renew its mandate as External Auditor of the World Health Organization.

From March to May, the Commission on Audit scored two wins in auditing international agencies. Last March, we beat the United Kingdom and France in the post of External Auditor of the International Labour Organization, even if we submitted the highest bid and without launching a campaign. Just two months passed and again, we won as External Auditor of the World Health Organization after three rounds of secret balloting. While we were literally jumping for joy, we realized that it is the first month anniversary of our beloved Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldo. What a welcome surprise! This calls for an M2M as in Merry Making … 

Winning the mandates in these United Nations (UN) agencies is an affirmation of the international community’s recognition of the performance of our COA auditors, truly world class. Under the leadership of Director Lito Q. Martin, and the able support of Directors Michael L. Racelis and Danilo V. Cabug, we have conquered the international audit arena which used to be reserved to first world countries such as Canada, UK and France. Our audits have traversed local boundaries and invaded UN agencies with mission as critical as ensuring food, world health and labor practices. I am sure the kind of audit environment that we have here at home served as the best training ground. Another M2M … from My home to My mission! Every UN auditor is always reminded to give his/her best not only outside but also in his/her own agency.  

Another M2M resembled the kind of cooperation and teamwork that we witnessed during the election. From the Mouse to the Mic (Mike). Those days were filled with endless revisions of speeches, PowerPoint slides and actual presentation. Barely a few hours from flight, Chair Mike arrived and standing tall in Salle 17, brought the beacon of hope and confidence. What with the ever trusted strategies of Commissioner Joe and the overwhelming support of Secretary Garin and Ambassador Cecille Rebong. It is my first time to meet Dr. Linda but the woman has left a mark in my heart. Simply M2M … Moment to Moment of gratitude!

Honestly, I have to release all kinds of tension in the UN souvenir shop knowing fully well that I failed to finish my presentation. Just as I was flashing the slide showing “OUR BEST OFFER”, the buzzer sounded as I heard, “Thank you, Mrs. Mendoza.” Unable to let go but at the last minute, reluctantly, I stood up and left the stage…

When I have taken my seat, as I paused in silence … I realized only God could design a perfect timing! Indeed, what a perfect timing to end my presentation with the slide on OUR BEST OFFER … This time … M2M2M … Minute Matters Most!

Indeed, that is the best offer not only to our auditee but also for the country and the COAns … the entire Commission is committed to always come up with Our Best Offer … nothing less!