Documentary Requirements for Promotion

  1. Application letter specifying the position applied for and the sector/office/region where the vacancy is;

  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017), with no items left unanswered; with 2x2 picture, thumbmark, signatures and government issued ID and Work Experience Sheet;

  3. Original copy of the authenticated certificate of eligibility/rating/license;

  4. IPCR/DPCR/OPCR for the last two semesters and justification for the Outstanding rating, if any;

  5. Memorandum of Recommendation and Justification for Promotion signed by the Immediate Supervisor and Head of Office;

  6. Position Description Form (DBM-CSC Form No. 1, Revised 2017) signed by the applicant and certified by the Immediate Supervisor/Head of Office;

  7. For those applying for supervisory and executive and managerial positions (SG-24 and above), Work Assignment History detailing assignments, designations, duration, unit of assignment and the duties and responsibilities performed by the applicant duly signed by the applicant and certified by the Head of Office. Please indicate assignments in a supervisory capacity supported by office orders and/or internal memorandum orders signed by the COA Chairperson/Head of Office;

  8. Training certificates from the date of last promotion relevant to the position applied for (SG-23 and below);

For SG-24 to 29 positions, SEDP certificate (for SG-26 to 29 only) and training certificates in management and supervision taken within the last five years;

  1. Sworn Statement/Affidavit of no pending administrative case/criminal case against the applicant before the Commission or any court of justice.


All applications together with the required documents for evaluation shall be submitted in two sets directly to the Sector/Office/Region where the vacancy is.