CY 2014

Amendments of Sections 3.1.1.c and 3.1.3 under "Support to Audit Groups/Teams" of COA Circular No. 2011-001 dated July 5, 2011

Conversion from the Philippine Government Chart of Accounts under the New Government Accounting System per Commission on Audit Circular No. 2004-008 dated September 20, 2004, as amended, to the Revised Chart of Accounts for National Government Agencies under Commission on Audit Circular No. 2013-002 dated January 30, 2013, additional accounts/revised description/title of accounts and relevant Accounting Policies and Guidelines in the implementation thereof

Accounting and Reporting Guidelines on the receipt and utilization of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (NDRRMF), cash and in-kind aids/donations from local and foreign sources, and funds allocated from the agency regular budget for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) program

Revised Guidelines in the audit of Gender and Development (GAD) Funds and Activities in government agencies