CY 1975

Guidelines in the Implementation of Letter of Instruction No. 348 and Presidential Decree No. 777.

Closing of the Books of Accounts of all Agencies or Offices of the National Government as of December 31, 1975; June 30, 1976; and December 31, 1976; relative to the Implementation of the Provisions of Presidential Decree No.777, dated August 24, 1975 and Letter of Instructions No.348, dated December 19, 1975.

Manual on the accounting system for commodities for use of the Commission on Population (POPCOM), its regional offices, and government and private agencies participating in POPCOM's family planning projects.

Accounting and Auditing Instructions for the Implementation of Presidential Decree No. 477, otherwise, known as "The Decree on Local Fiscal Administration," and Presidential Decree No. 557.

Authority granted to the NEDA and the Regional Development Councils to collect Seminar Fees as an exception to Memorandum Circular No. 593, series of 1972 of the Office of the President.

Payment of salaries and living allowances of field auditing personnel by the agency, subdivision or instrumentality of the Government where they are assigned.

Further amendment of Appendix B-(1) - Descriptions of Object Codes, of Memorandum Circular No. 401, dated August 1, 1959, as amended.

Reorganization of the Commission on Audit Regional Offices.

Withholding of payment for services rendered in connection with the settlement of war claims of provinces by the Treasurer of the Philippines Concerned.

Clarifications on Commission on Audit Circular No. 75-6, dated November 7, 1975 prescribing the regulations for the proper use of government vehicles.

Regulating the use of government motor vehicles, aircrafts, and watercrafts.

Municipal Judges are not entitled to Transportation and Representation Allowances.

Inventory of supplies, materials and equipment including waste materials and unserviceable tools and equipment as well as cash examination of accountable officers in training stations of the National Manpower and Youth Council and Regional Manpower Training Centers.