CY 1976

Letter of Instructions No. 478, dated November 5, 1976, requiring the immediate reversion to surplus of all accounts payable and unliquidated obligations which are two years old or over, etc.

Letter of Instructions No. 456 - Re Professionalization of the Commission on Audit, etc.

Correction of certain portion in the entry to record the sale at below cost of textbooks, technical magazines and other semi-expandable reading materials.

Recording of acquisitions of textbooks, technical magazines and other semi-expendable reading materials.

Prohibition against splitting of requisitions, purchase orders, vouchers and others.

Incorporation of revised figures in revised preliminary trial balances.

Guidelines in the Implementation of Longevity Pay Grants.

Restatement with amendments of Memorandum Circular No. 582, as amended by Memorandum Circular No. 582-A, Re the Accounting Manual for the New Money Order System and Related Financial Transactions of Postmasters.

Accounting System and Procedures for the Telegraphic Transfer Operation and the Financial Transactions of the Collecting and Disbursing Officers of the Bureau of Telecommunications.

Revised regulations in the printing of Accountable Forms pursuant to Section 1646 of the Revised Administrative Code.

Submission of copy of government contracts and supporting documents including letter/purchase orders, to the Commission on Audit.

Implementation of the New Accounting System for Local Governments.

Unauthorized printing of standard government forms by private printers.

Amendment to General Circular No. 99, dated January 26, 1967, concerning Certificates re Availability of Funds under Section 607 of the Revised Administrative Code.

Presidential policy on the matter of disallowance of continuous reimbursement of medical expenses under the Workmen's Compensation Act after retirement in certain exceptional cases.

Fixing a uniform period within which to refund the 10% retention under various public works contracts.

Clarifying salary increases of the National Government officials and employees (WAPCO-Covered and Career Executive Service) implemented under Budget Circular No. 256, 256-A and 256-B, dated December 29, 1975, January 29, 1976 and April 29, 1976, respectively.

Salary Adjustment Notices of National Government Officials and Employees (WAPCO-Covered and Career Executive Service).

Submission of Financial Statements in line with the provisions of P.D. No. 777 changing the official fiscal year of the Government from July 1st of each calendar year to June 30th of the following year to January 1st to December 31st of the calendar year.

Submission of detailed schedule of accounts receivable quarterly.