CY 1979

Prescribing regulations on encashment of TCAA Checks; Introduction of new forms and procedures covering the issuance of payment of checks issued against Treasury Checking Account for Agencies (TCAA). FINANCE CIRCULAR NO. 6-79 NATIONAL BUDGET CIRCULAR NO. 301

Presidential Decree No. 1594 prescribing policies, guidelines, rules and regulations for government infrastructure contracts.

Rules and Regulations Implementing the Intent and Provisions of P.D. No. 894, as amended by P.D. 1466.

Accounting by Program, Project, Activity (PPA) / Key Budgetary Inclusion (KBI) in the National Government

Guidelines on PBL Memorandum No. I, dated February 26, 1979, entitled "Promulgating Consolidated Revised Policies, Rules and Regulations Governing the Paglilingkod: Bagong Lipunan Program."

Review of internal control and audit of Accountable Forms Particularly Treasury Warrants and TCAA Checks.

Continuation of Cost of Living Allowance for Positions that are OCPC-exempt

Instructions, Guidelines and Procedures for Accounting/Controlling Cash Disbursement Ceilings (CDC)

Accounting system and auditing procedures to be adopted by the Autonomous Regions

Letter of Instructions No. 909 Amendment of Letter of Instructions No. 779, dated December 6, 1978, entitled "Allowances and Payment Made to National Officials by Local Government Units."

Issuance of Auditor's Advice for All Countersigned Type "B" Treasury Warrants.

Guidelines on the Implementation of Letters of Instructions pertaining to Personnel Effectiveness Audit and Reduction of Government Expenditures.

Insurance of all government properties with the General Insurance Fund under Republic Act No. 656 as amended by P.D. No. 245 and securing of Surety/Performance Bond required in government contracts from said Fund administered by the Government Service Insurance System

Letter of Instructions No. 767 entitled "Directing The Improvement of Budget Execution and Cash Operations in the National Government.

Central Bank Circular No. 673, Series of 1979 on Regulations Governing Acceptance of Deposits and/or Borrowings from the Government.

Clarification of Participation of COA Officials and/or Personnel in the Disposal Either by Destruction or Sale of Unserviceable Government Property.

Letter of Instructions No. 925 Relative to the Issuance of Cash Disbursement Ceilings for Government Operations.

Fixing Service Fees for the Preparation of Statements of Revenues and Expenditures of Local Government Units in Connection with the Determination of their Legal Borrowing and Net Paying Capacities, for Loan Purposes.

Prescribing the Use of the Local Government Project Cost Sheet (LGAO Form No. 016) for Provincial, City, Municipal, and Barangay Infrastructure Projects.

Circular Letter dated October 8, 1979, on the Clarification of Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1, s. 1979 Implementing LOI Nos. 806 and 828.