CY 1980

Banning of M.A. GUEVARA CONSTRUCTION from participating in all biddings of the Ministry of Public Works.

Lifting of the disqualification of contractors.

List of Contractors Suspended by the Minister of Public Works Pursuant to PD 1594.

Implementing Guidelines and Procedures on the Use of Income Derived from the Operations of Prison Agro-Industries of the Bureau Of Prisons

Philippine Standard on "Sizes (Metric) of Writing Paper and Certain Classes of Printed Matter -Trimmed Sizes -A and B Series, P.S. (SAO) No. 233.

Letter of Instructions No. 1043 on the Procurement of books and other teaching aids for the Public Schools.

Prohibition on granting provisional salary increases to Presidents and other senior officials of state colleges and universities.

Systems and Procedures Governing the Creation/Operation of the Government Printing Office Revolving Fund for Supplies and Materials, Pursuant to Special Provisions, Batas Pambansa Bilang 40.

Submission of the Analysis of the National Clearing Accounts (8-99-000, 8-99-100 and 0-99-200) and copies of the Journal Vouchers effecting entries of said accounts.

Cost of Gasoline and Oil Used by Motor Vehicles Chargeable Against Funds Allotment to Regions.

LOI 447 re: Increasing the Effectiveness of National Government Programs and the National Budget as Instrument of Regional Development.

LOI 976 - Approving the CY 1980 Operating Budgets of Various Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations under Certain Conditions.

Pre-Audit of Accounts of Municipalities within Metropolitan Manila

Payment by Check of Disbursements of Municipalities within Metropolitan Manila.

Amendment of COA Circular No. 76-26, dated April 6, 1976, as amended, regarding partial withdrawal of pre- audit.

Implementation of COA Circular No. 80-26 (F) concerning the amendment to the partial withdrawal of pre-audit.

Reporting to the Bureau of the Treasury of Type "B" Treasury Warrants Countersigned by Agency Officials Pursuant to COA Circular Nos. 80-26 (F) and 80-26 (G) dated February 25, 1980 and April 8, 1980, respectively.

Restatement with amendments of COA Circular No. 80-26 (F) dated February 25, 1980, regarding partial withdrawal of pre-audit.

Printing of Accountable Forms undertaken by the Central Bank Security Printing Plant.