CY 1980

Implementation of P.D. No. 1594 prescribing policies, guidelines, rules and regulations for government infrastructure contracts.

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Presidential Decree No. 1594, entitled, "Prescribing Policies, Guidelines, Rules and Regulations for Government Infrastructure Contracts".

Suspension Orders issued by Government Project Engineers.

LOI 779 - Allowances and Payments Made to National Officials by Local Government Units.

Incorporation of Provision on Posting of Performance Bond in all Service Contracts involving Detailed Engineering Services.

Ensuring that Change Orders, Extra Work Orders, and Similar Supplementary or Amendatory Agreements are Approved Only When Supported by Available Funds

Letter of Instructions No. 981 entitled "Directing the Implementation of Economy Measures in Government, for purposes of Generating Contingency Reserves".

Inventory of Fixed Assets of Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations and Subsidiaries, including self-governing boards, commissions, agencies and state colleges and universities.

New Forms For The Statement Of Treasury Account Current Reconciliation

Accounting and Related Procedures for government agencies including government owned or controlled corporations, entitled to and qualified for the tax and duty exemptions under subsisting laws, being required to pay taxes and duties under Section 23 of P.D. 1177.

Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 636 dated August 26, 1974 to increase to P20.00 the reimbursable transportation expense not subject to Reimbursement Expense Receipt (RER).

General Guidelines and Related Procedures for the Establishment of Fund for Medicines and Drugs in Hospitals/Sanitaria

Contracts for Aerial Survey, Land Capability and Classification Survey and Boundary Monuments Survey.

Letter of Instructions No. 998 entitled "Purchase of Uniform For Certain Agencies Of The National Government."

Urging all personnel in the local government treasury and audit services to be provided with a copy of the Local Government Manual of Accounts.

Memorandum Circular NO. 1157 requiring that the purchase of foreign books and subscription to foreign magazines and other foreign publications be made through the Philippine Education Co., Inc. (PECO).

Banning of M. G. Salazar Construction from participating in any bidding of the Ministry of the Public Works.

Contractors blacklisted by the Ministry of Public Works.

List of contractors disqualified by the Minister of Public Works.