CY 1983

Guidelines Governing the Delineation of Approving Authority Covering Contracts for Infrastructure Projects of National Government Agencies.

Drugs Medicines and Medical Supplies Subject to Test

Restatement of COA Circular No. 78-92 and all its amendments and providing for additional accounts in the Standard Government Chart of Accounts for use of all national government agencies, local government units, government-owned/controlled corporations except financial institutions.

Approval of contracts for infrastructure projects of non-infrastructure ministries.

Implementation of Treasury Memorandum Circular No. 5-82 concerning the increase from P100,000.00 to P3,750,000.00 the maximum ceiling to the amount of bonds necessary to cover the accountability of accountable officers and increasing from 1/4 to 1/2 of 1% per annum the premium rate charged for insurance in the Fidelity Insurance Fund.

Guidelines, Instructions, And Accounting For Multi-Year Obligational Authority For Contracts.

Executive Order No. 888 authorizing Ministers and Heads of Ministries/Agencies to dispose of their respective unserviceable equipment and disposable property and creating a Disposal Committee to facilitate disposal of said property.

Letter of Instructions No. 1302 dated March 25, 1983 directing that purchases and sales of government securities by the National Treasury and government-owned or controlled corporations be done with the Central Bank or with government financial institutions.

Implementation of Letter of Instructions No. 1208

Directing the design and implementation of measures to see to a comprehensive government effort to attain balance of payments targets.

Government Contracts for Auditing and Related Services.

Increasing the statutory minimum wage rates and living allowances of workers in the private sector.

Procedural Guidelines in the Implementation of P.D. 1854

Guidelines on the Implementation of Letter of Instructions No. 1182, pertaining to Collection and Remittance of Legal Research Fees as Imposed by Republic Act No. 3870, dated June 12, 1964, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 200 dated May 27, 1973.

Guidelines and Instructions in the transfer of funds to carry out projects funded out of appropriations released to and administered by the MPWH under the National Aid to Local Government Units (NALGU) and the National Infrastructure Program of the Government.

Accounting Systems and Procedures for the Decentralized Operations of the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Supplemental guidelines and procedures to OBM-COA-MOF-Joint Circular No. 5-82 dated July 1, 1982 on the availment of the working fund for national government agencies and government corporations.

Guidelines and Procedures in the Replacement of the Old Format of Treasury Checking Account for Agencies (TCAA) in the implementation of COA-MOF-MB Joint Circular No. 4-81 and TMC No. 6-82 dated December 12, 1982.

Amendment to Joint Circular No. 9-81, dated October 19, 1981, "Providing Consolidated and Revised Guidelines in the Proper Handling, Operation and Accounting for Trust Receipts."