CY 1986

Amendment of COA Circular No. 85-17-H dated January 15, 1985 and  clarifications regarding the audit of the national security,  intelligence, confidential and discretionary funds.

Immediate Liquidation and Settlement of All Cash Advances Granted Prior to March 1, 1986.

Restoration of Pre-audit on Personal Services.

Entitlement of NDCP Graduates to Salary Adjustment under Executive Orders No. 696 and 771.

Audit Certificate Accomplished by COA Auditors Considered Substantial Compliance with the  Requirements of  Section 272 (formerly Section 321) of  the  National Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

Requiring Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations to submit Year-End Preliminary Trial Balances.

Effectivity of Cost of Audit Services rendered to Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations under Executive Order No. 19, series of 1986.


General guidelines on the divestment or disposal of assets of government-owned  and/or  controlled corporations, and their subsidiaries.

Withholding of payment of salaries, allowances and other emoluments of officials who are supposed to be presidential appointees pending approval of their appointments by the President or the Executive Secretary by Authority of the President.

Dissemination of the letter, dated May 5, 1986 of the Honorable Minister of the Budget relative to the grant of quarterly medical allowance of P500.


Guidelines and procedures in segregating the accounting for financial  transactions pertaining to the old administration from those of the new administration  and establishing March 31, 1986 as cut-off date.

Guidelines and Procedures in the segregating the accounting for financial transaction pertaining to the old administration from those of the new administration and establishing March 31, 2986 as cut-off date

Directing the Closing of the Books of Accounts of Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations and Preparation of Financial Statements as  of  March  31, 1986.

Implementation of a New Disbursement Scheme Pursuant to Memorandum  Order No. 12 dated June 10, 1986 Directing the Improvement of the Cash Disbursement Operations of the Government Thru the Agency Treasury Warrant  Funding Scheme

Selective Pre-Audit on Government Transactions

Inhibition against employment by government agencies and instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations, of private lawyers to handle their legal cases.

Audit Jurisdiction of the Commission on Audit over Government-owned and/or controlled Corporations and their Subsidiaries.

Clarification of COA Circular No.  86-248 so as to Include the Duly Designated Liaison Officer of Every Government Office or Agency Authorized to Receive the Salaries, Allowances or Other Emoluments Due the Government Official or Employee.

Executive Order #1077 dated January 9, 1986 re: Revising the Computation of Creditable Vacation and Sick Leaves of Government Officers and Employees.

Audit of Journal Vouchers/Special Journal Vouchers

Opinion No. 106, Series of 1986, of the Presidential Assistant for Legal Affairs re: Definitive Interpretation of the Term "Annual Gross Operating Income" as Used in Section 11 of Executive Order No. 903 as Amended.

Amendment of COA Circular No. 84-200A, increasing to P1,500 and above the value of items to be categorized as furniture, fixtures, equipment, work animals and  books, and revising the definition of the affected accounts in view of such increase.