CY 1987

Revision of Procedure for the Computation of the Thirty Percent (30%) per Annum Ceiling on Price Escalation for Government Infrastructure Contracts.

Amendment of COA Circular No. 80-65A, dated January 22, 1980, Regarding the Submission of Year-end Trial Balances, Financial Statements and Supporting Schedules and Documents for the Preparation of the Annual Financial Report of the Commission for the Local Governments.

Defining responsibilities and working relationship in the operationalization of the Circuit Municipal Audit for Surigao del Sur, with station in Bislig, same province.

Prohibiting Payment of Any Amount Due and Owing to the N. Lopez Construction Company, Inc. and/or D.M.B. Countryside Construction or Domingo Barbin.

Review and Inspection of Infrastructure Contracts/Projects and Variations Thereto.

Approval by Heads of Circuit Municipal Audit Units of Requisitions of Municipalities Pursuant of Sec. 7 of P.D. 526.

Opinion No. 58, S. 1987 of the Department of Justice on the provisions of Section 71 of PD No. 1177 and Section 8, Article IX(B) of the 1987 Constitution.

Implementation of Memorandum Circular No. 30, dated March 3, 1987 of then Deputy Executive Secretary (now Secretary of Natural Resources) Fulgencio S. Factoran, Jr.

Prohibiting Payment of Any Amount Due and Owing to the Palsons Construction and Supply and/or Mr. Jose N. Palo, Jr.

Disseminating Executive Order No. 271 which amends Section 2 of Executive Order No. 19 and Section 20 of Presidential Decree No.1445 providing a new scheme for the computation of Audit Costs chargeable against government corporations.

Facilitating Audit Action on Infrastructure Projects of Government Departments and Selected Government Corporations.

Disseminating Resolution No. 1937 of the Commission on Elections RE: In the matter of implementing the prohibitions against appointment or hiring of new employees, creating or filling new positions, giving any salary increase, or transferring or detailing any officer or employee in the Civil Service, in connection with the elections for local officials in January 18, 1988.

Decentralization Actions on Government Negotiated Contracts, Lease Contracts and Records Disposal.

Guidelines in the implementation of Section 2 of Executive Order No. 19 dated June 19, 1986 which fixes the cost of audit services rendered to government corporations by the Commission on Audit.

No Deferment of the implementation of the cost of audit services to government corporations as fixed in Section 2 of Executive Order 19

Guidelines and procedures in the consolidation of the interim pre-closing trial balances and related statements pertaining to the old and the new administrations as rerquired under joint circular no. 2-86 dated march 30, 1986

Guidelines on Funding Procedure, Implementation and Monitoring of School Infrastructure Projects Funded by the National Government