CY 1988

Restatement with Amendments of COA Issuances on the Audit of Intelligence and/or Confidential Funds.

Consolidation of the Old and the New Account Balances

Exclusive Printing Jurisdiction of the National Printing Office.

Letter from the Secretary, Department of Budget and Management regarding payment of additional compensation to the Office of Solicitor General lawyers, Government Corporate Counsel lawyers and Prosecution Staffs of the Department of Justice.

Prescribing Guidelines on the Computation of Creditable Vacation and Sick Leaves.

Preparation and Posting by Local Treasurers of the "Monthly Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursement".

Decentralization of procurement of supplies, materials and equipment in the different Line Departments and Agencies of Government.

Implementation/Prosecution of Projects/Activities in the Provinces and Cities of the Autonomous Regions in Mindanao.

Approval of withdrawal of municipal funds deposited with, or held in trust by, Provincial and City (District) Treasurers and countersignature of checks issued therefor.

Uniform Standards/Guidelines to Determine the Reasonableness of the Terms and Rental Rates of Lease Contracts for Private or Government Buildings/Spaces.

Amending Section 2.0 of COA Circular No. 87-278 dated November 12, 1987 entitled: Facilitating Audit Action on Infrastructure Projects of Government Departments and Selected Government Corporations.

Amendment of COA Circular No. 82-192, dated August 16, 1982, to exclude and delete from the Trial Balance the certifications signifying the approval of the Head of Agency and the verification made by the COA Auditor.

Guidelines in the Implementation of the New Scheme in the Computation of Audit Costs Chargeable Against Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations and their Subsidiaries as Provided Under Section 24 of Presidential Decree No. 1445 and Amended by Section 2 of Executive Order No. 19 and Subsequently Amended by Executive Order No. 271.

Implementation of a New Disbursement System Pursuant to Memorandum Order No. 12 deated June 10, 1986 Directing the Improvement of the Cash Disbursement Operations of the Government thru the Treasury Warrant Funding Scheme

Guidelines and procedures applicable to Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) relative to the implementation of a New Disbursement System (NDS) pursuant to Memorandum Order No. 12 dated June 10, 1986 directing the improvement of the cash disbursement operations of the government