CY 1996

Modification of Provincial Circular No.19 dated June 15, 1970 re: Bank Reconciliation Statements for Depository Accounts.

Guidelines in the Preparation and Submission of Purchase Orders Relative to the Procurement of Supplies and Equipment.

Substitute documents to support the claims of sugar producers whose promissory notes can no longer be located, in connection with the implementation of Republic Act. No. 7202, otherwise known as the Sugar Restitution Law.

Prescribing the use of the Accountant's Advice of Local Check Disbursements

Restatement with amendments of COA Circular No. 92-374 dated March 5, 1992 Re: Adoption of Forms and Guidelines for the Quarterly Reports to be submitted by Agencies pursuant to Section 82 of the general provisions, Republic Act No. 8174 (General Appropriations Act of 1996).

Further amendment to GAO Memorandum Circular No. 400 dated May 29, 1959, as amended, on reimbursement of expenses not requiring receipts.

Guidelines to implement Section 16 of Executive Order No. 248 as amended by Executive Order No. 248-A which prescribes the regulations and new rates of allowance for official local and foreign travels of government personnel.

Restatement with amendments of COA Circular No. 95-003 dated February 15, 1995 Prescribing Accounting and Auditing Guidelines on the release of Funds Assistance to Non-Governmental Organizations/People's Organizations (NGOs/POs)

Accounting Guidelines and Procedures Relative to the Adoption of a Simplified Fund Release System in the Government

Utilization, Administration and Management of the Coconut Levy Funds.