COA revises Vision and Mission Statements

Published: 30 June 2016

The Commission on Audit (COA) revised its Vision and Mission Statements to align with the major thrusts of its new Six-Year Strategic Plan. The Commission adopted the Revised Vision and Mission Statements through COA Resolution No. 2016-011 on June 28, 2016..

The revised Vision and Mission Statements not only highlighted COA’s mandate as an independent institution guarding public resources but also emphasized its role as an enabling partner of government in the delivery of public service. COA also acknowledged its partnership with various stakeholders with the end goal of benefitting the Filipino people..

The new Vision and Mission Statements read as follows:


A trustworthy, respected and independent audit institution that is an enabling partner of government in ensuring a better life for every Filipino.


To ensure accountability for public resources, promote transparency, and help improve government operations, in partnership with stakeholders, for the benefit of the Filipino people.

COA officials held a workshop on November 30, 2015 to December 4, 2015 to draft the revised Vision and Mission Statements and refine details of its 2016-2022 Strategic Plan. Under this plan, COA will undertake various initiatives to achieve six strategic goals: Create Positive Impact; Empower and Enable Agencies; Improve Delivery of High Quality, Fair and Timely Audits; Increase Stakeholder Ownership and Understanding; Strengthen Capacity and Capability; and Enhance Support Infrastructure. # .