COA Region III officials and personnel take Integrity Pledge

Published: 18 September 2018

10 September 2018 marked another meaningful event for officials and personnel of Commission on Audit (COA) Regional Office No. III as they took their Integrity Pledge at the Heroes’ Hall, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

COA Commissioners Jose A. Fabia and Roland C. Pondoc administered the oath taking. All officials and employees of COA Region III signed the Integrity Pledge which will be placed in their 201 files.

Commissioner Fabia imparted words of wisdom and inspiration to auditors assigned in the operations on how to practice integrity and display values in dealing with the auditees while Commissioner Pondoc introduced the Integrity Pledge to COAns and defined integrity and its advantages.

COA Region III Director Lynn S.F. Sicangco and Assistant Director Elenita DV. Lumongsod lead regional personnel in taking the Integrity Pledge administered by COA Commissioners Jose A. Fabia and Roland C. Pondoc on 10 September 2018.

As an opening salvo, Training Specialist Carmen P. Siron defined integrity as one of the fundamental values that employers seek and is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work.

The audit and support groups revisited the Rules and Regulations on Personnel Conduct with Atty. Antonio F. Marzan. Atty. Daryl G. Liangco, who tackled the Revised Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Government Auditors, reminded the participants of the acronym A.S.A.L. which stands for Accountable to the people; Serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency; Act with patriotism and justice; and Lead modest lives. Various role playing scenarios were conducted to show how government personnel can act with integrity and deliver the best public service.

Another oath-taking administered by the two Commissioners was held for new recruits. To cap the event, an open forum was moderated by Director Lynn S.F. Sicangco to give opportunities to participating auditors to clarify issues and concerns pertinent to their present job and assignment.