COA Fraud Audit Director participates in international research on fraud

Published: 4 March 2014

Director Alexander B. Juliano of the Commission’s Fraud Audit Office (FAO) represented the Commission in the 3rd Meeting of the 10th Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI) Research Project on the “Audit to Detect Fraud and Corruption: Evaluation of the Fight against Corruption and Money Laundering” held in Bangkok, Thailand from August 28-30, 2013.

 The topic for the research was the majority choice during the 45th ASOSAI General Assembly by member Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) considering that many Asian countries still rank low on corruption perception index. The ASOSAI hopes to raise greater awareness on fraud and corruption through-out the three-year in-depth research.     

 The 10th ASOSAI Research Project is a very timely initiative of the ASOSAI to address the negative global phenomena of corruption and money laundering.  In this project, each member could not only assess the strengths and weaknesses of its anti-corruption and anti-money laundering programs and efforts but most importantly, they could learn from the best practices of other SAIs with the end view of improving SAIs capabilities towards prevention, detection and reporting of corrupt activities and transactions as well as money laundering,” Director Juliano said.

 The 10thActing Auditor General Prapee Ankinandana of host SAI Thailand welcomed 25 participants from 12 SAIs. Project Chair Dr. Wang Xiaosheng of SAI China updated the participants on the progress of the research project.