Chairperson Pulido Tan at Tanzania Roundtable on Citizen Participatory Audit

Published: 4 March 2014

Commission on Audit Chairperson Maria Gracia M. Pulido Tan was the resource speaker at the Roundtable on Advancing Public Participation in the Audit Process in Tanzania held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on August 26- 27, 2013.

Chairperson Pulido Tan presented the Citizen Participatory Audit roadmap, processes and successful pilot audits in the Philippines covering the CAMANAVA Flood Control Project, Conditional Cash Transfer Beneficiaries and Barangay Health Centers and Quezon City Solid Waste Management. 

Chairperson Pulido Tan engaged Comptroller and Auditor General of Tanzania Mr. Ludovick Silemwa Utoh in a discussion on experiences and best practices in the field of performance audits.

“This is a priority program, founded on the premise that public accountability can prosper only with a vigilant citizenry. As the state’s Supreme Audit Institution, we have a duty to the public, we recognize that citizens are a key stakeholder in what the government does, in what the COA does,” Chairperson Pulido Tan said.

The capability building workshop was organized by the National Audit Office of Tanzania (NAOT) in collaboration with the African Public Sector and Governance Unit, the World Bank Institute (WBI) and the World Bank Country Office in Tanzania. The workshop aims to facilitate the engagement of NAOT staff, civil society organizations and media in developing partnerships on various participatory audit mechanisms and to build their capacity to appropriate and customize relevant participatory tools and approaches.

COA International Audit and Relations Office Assistant Director Michael L. Racelis and Ms. Maria Ramona L. Jimenez of the Office of the Chairperson assisted Chairperson Pulido Tan in the workshop.   

Representatives from Argentina and India also shared their experiences in participatory audit planning and entry points for citizen engagement in external audit.